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With well-built elevators, 30+ years of experience, and an outstanding reputation, Southwest Elevator is one of the industry's leading elevator service companies.

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Southwest Elevator’s leadership and employees have been building relationships with property owners and managers for more than 30 years. Tom Cavinder comes from a family line of elevator construction and service providers in the midwest and southern regions. We have built the company around the principles of superior service and a family-like experience.

Tom is actively involved in new client acquisitions and all new projects. Southwest Elevator is proud to be an independently owned elevator company and plans to stay that way throughout its next phase of growth. We are capable of changing with technology and, more importantly, changing with our clients' needs.

Our company offers elevator services for commercial uses. From new design and installation to renovation, including service and repair and preventative maintenance programs, we are committed to serving our clients. Southwest Elevator is committed to excellence, total customer satisfaction, and continued support. Whatever your elevator needs may be, we are here to work with you and provide the industry’s top elevator products.


We understand breakdowns may occur outside of the 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. work day.

We offer a kind voice on the other end of the phone and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.

In addition to timely service, our clients are treated professionally and effectively. We know our clients by name and truly understand each client’s specific elevator needs.

Bullet Proof Program - Our technicians are the best. We have hand chosen and built a team of the highest qualified individuals to succeed in these positions. Every technician is QEI certified and involved in continuous training throughout the year. Technicians are fully capable of revealing potential problems and preventing breakdowns.

Cost-effective - 100% of our customized preventative maintenance is guaranteed. We pledge your equipment will receive service on a monthly basis.

Over the years we have worked closely with our partners, technicians, and clients to realize the importance of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance reduces unnecessary failures or callbacks that may stem from lack of attention. Detecting potential problems early minimizes the likelihood of a break-down. Build a relationship with Southwest Elevator, customize your preventative maintenance plan today, and work with us on a monthly basis!

The industry's top customer service is in your backyard. Southwest Elevator has qualified personnel and technicians available locally for your convenience. Our preventative maintenance program is the finest in the industry.

It is Southwest Elevator's commitment to provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. We ensure every program is unique to your needs and specific to your equipment.


Call Southwest Elevator today to learn how we can address elevator service needs in your area.


We are here to drive productivity by offering minimum downtime on your investment.

Every representative takes the time to know you personally and understand your specific needs. Our long-lasting relationships, strong reputation, and word of mouth allow Southwest Elevator to build the best commercial vertical transportation in the country.

Motion Control Engineering (MCE) is available for all commercial work. Every installation combines the highest quality of products with the most experienced engineers and technicians. Southwest Elevator Company stays current with ADA requirements, state codes, and regulations.

Customization is offered on every level. Southwest Elevator provides preventive maintenance programs to avoid the problems that may arise from everyday use.

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Southwest Elevator has redesigned some of the most expensive real estate buildings in the region.

Unlike major elevator companies, our projects are not standardized. We have the ability to work with you and provide options that stay within your budget’s parameters. Modernization can lead to a decrease in energy consumption and in return a reduction in operating costs.

Southwest Elevator focuses on the industry’s eco-friendly products. We advise all clients of the advantages and availability as equipment changes with technology.

What may seem to be an overwhelming experience is simple with Southwest Elevator Company. Our personnel are among the highest trained in the industry and work closely with our leadership team to uphold the Southwest Elevator reputation.


We invite you to experience the Southwest Elevator Advantage.

Whether you are considering a complimentary quote on a Commercial installation, a Modernization project, our leading-edge preventative maintenance program, or to learn about our 24-hour live agent service and support, call today to speak with an experienced team member for more information.


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